5 Ways Senior Citizens Can Plan Their Finances For A Foreign Trip

Are you at a prime age and feeling anxious or out-of-sorts about planning a trip overseas? Here are a few tips. Read on to find more.

Meghna Maiti
March 9, 2023
5 Ways Senior Citizens Can Plan Their Finances For A Foreign Trip

Once you cross 60, focus on a life of leisure-eat, pray, love, and travel. And to accomplish all of these, you need to plan wisely. For example, many people make more foreign trips post-retirement to meet their children or fulfill their love for wanderlust. A new place outside your country means new people, culture, history, and food-all too exciting. But at an advanced age, it comes with risks and uncertainty.


As a senior citizen, here are five ways to plan your international trip financially:

Plan Your Travel Budget Carefully: You may have been saving for your trip for a long time or have broken your savings for a trip. It’s important to keep an account of the money you have managed for your foreign trip. You must study the currency exchange rates carefully and plan your travel kitty accordingly. You could also apply for a travel prepaid forex card, with which you could spend your money easily and upload it as and when you need it on your trip.

Stay Covered With The Right Travel Insurance: You must choose the right travel insurance to protect you from problems while traveling or on holiday. “The best travel insurance will protect you from medical emergencies, pre-existing illness, loss or theft, cancelled or rescheduled flights, or even home protection. Having the right insurance is important before embarking upon the journey outside the country. Any incident abroad can prove very costly if the insurances are not in place,” says Renu Maheshwari, chief executive officer and principal advisor of Finzscholarz Wealth Manager and a Sebi-registered investment advisor.

Be Prepared For Medical Emergencies: Visiting a doctor before leaving for a holiday and doing a regular check-up is essential. Secondly, you must pack your medicine kit carefully, with the right medicines, such as vitamins, painkillers, antacids, etc. Also, remember to note the medical centers in the area you are visiting, as senior citizens are more susceptible to medical conditions that may lead to hospitalization.

Choosing To Travel During The Off-Season: “Travelling during the off-season can have multiple benefits, including significant savings on hotel accommodations (often at 50-60 per cent discount) and cheaper flights. Additionally, seniors can avoid long lines at museums and other popular attractions. However, it is essential to consider weather conditions during the off-season before making travel plans,” says Hemant Beniwal, certified financial planner and director at Ark Primary Advisors, a financial planning firm.

Travelling By Cruise Overseas: Another great money-saving option for seniors is a cruise, particularly in Europe. Cruises offer the convenience of traveling from one city to another with the flexibility to choose which cities to explore or relax onboard. By booking a cruise five-six months in advance, seniors can take advantage of significant discounts. Additionally, last-minute sales for cruises can provide even more savings for those who are flexible in their travel plans.

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