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Exploring Tranquility: Top Things To Do In Ayodhya For Elderly Travellers

Ayodhya, with its rich cultural and religious heritage, is a destination that offers a unique blend of spirituality, history, and tranquillity

Himakshi Panwar
January 17, 2024
Ayodhya For Elderly Travellers

Ayodhya For Elderly Travellers

Ayodhya, a city with a rich historical and cultural tapestry, is nestled on the banks of the sacred Sarayu River in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh, India. Revered as the birthplace of Lord Rama, Ayodhya attracts pilgrims, history enthusiasts, and curious travellers alike. For elderly visitors seeking a blend of spirituality, history, and tranquillity, Ayodhya offers a plethora of experiences. In this article, we will explore the top things to do in Ayodhya that cater specifically to the needs and preferences of elderly travellers.

Visit Ram Janmabhoomi:

A journey to Ayodhya is incomplete without a visit to the revered Ram Janmabhoomi, the birthplace of Lord Rama. The sprawling complex includes the sacred spot where Rama is believed to have been born. While exploring this holy site, elderly travellers can marvel at the impressive architecture and soak in the spiritual ambience. Accessibility has been improved in recent years, making it easier for seniors to navigate the premises.

Hanuman Garhi:

Hanuman Garhi, a prominent temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman, is perched atop a hill and offers panoramic views of Ayodhya. While the climb might be a bit challenging for elderly visitors, the temple authorities have taken steps to improve accessibility, including the installation of ramps and railings. Once at the top, travellers can enjoy a serene environment, participate in religious rituals, and relish the breathtaking views of the city.

Kala Ram Temple:

The Kala Ram Temple, situated near Ram Janmabhoomi, is an architectural gem that captivates visitors with its intricate carvings and exquisite design. Unlike some of the more crowded spots in Ayodhya, the Kala Ram Temple provides a peaceful and contemplative atmosphere, making it an ideal place for elderly travellers to soak in the spiritual aura.

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Riverside Meditation:

The banks of the Sarayu River offer a serene setting for meditation and reflection. Elderly travellers can enjoy a leisurely stroll along the river, taking in the scenic beauty and immersing themselves in the peaceful ambience. Some areas even have comfortable seating arrangements, allowing visitors to sit back and relax while absorbing the tranquil vibes of Ayodhya.

Bharat Mandir:

Dedicated to Lord Rama’s younger brother, Bharat, this ancient temple showcases remarkable architectural beauty and intricate carvings. The temple is located close to the Hanuman Garhi and offers a serene environment for elderly travellers to explore at their own pace. The peaceful courtyard and the temple’s historical significance make it a must-visit for those seeking a blend of spirituality and culture.

Ayodhya Art Gallery:

For elderly travellers with an appreciation for art and culture, the Ayodhya Art Gallery is a hidden gem. This gallery showcases a collection of paintings, sculptures, and artefacts depicting the rich history and cultural heritage of Ayodhya. The exhibits provide a captivating journey through time, allowing visitors to connect with the city’s illustrious past.

Ramkatha Park:

Ramkatha Park, situated along the Sarayu River, is a beautifully landscaped area that narrates the epic tale of Ramayana through vibrant sculptures and installations. The park provides a peaceful environment for elderly travellers to unwind, enjoy the greenery, and absorb the cultural essence of Ayodhya. Benches and shaded areas are strategically placed for visitors to rest and appreciate the surroundings.

Explore Ayodhya’s Street Food:

Ayodhya’s culinary scene is a delightful fusion of traditional Indian flavours. Elderly travellers can explore the local street food stalls that offer a variety of delectable treats, from chaat and sweets to savoury snacks. The bustling streets provide an opportunity to savour authentic dishes while soaking in the vibrant atmosphere of Ayodhya.

Attend Aarti At The Ghats:

In the evening, the ghats along the Sarayu River come alive with the mesmerizing Ganga Aarti. While this tradition is more commonly associated with other riverfront cities, the serene aarti in Ayodhya offers a unique and peaceful experience. Elderly travellers can witness the captivating rituals, listen to devotional songs, and bask in the spiritual ambience created by the flickering lamps and rhythmic chants.

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