5 Travel Movies That Will Inspire The Wanderer In You

From epic adventures to soul-stirring journeys, these films encapsulate the essence of travel, offering you a vicarious experience that will leave you yearning for new horizons

Kartikeya Shankar
June 20, 2023
5 Travel Movies That Will Inspire The Wanderer In You

Whether you are an avid traveller seeking inspiration or simply looking to escape into the world of cinema, travel movies awaken the explorer within and leave an indelible mark on wanderlust-filled souls. We have put together a list of films that let you embark on a cinematic voyage, and fuel your desire to traverse the globe.


Before Sunrise Trilogy

In a serendipitous encounter aboard a train, a French woman crosses paths with an American man. Within moments of conversation, an undeniable connection ignites, leading them to explore Vienna’s cobblestone streets and ancient alleyways. As they converse and walk around the city, a tapestry of hidden emotions takes shape. Time flies, and soon they find themselves bound in matrimony, traversing the highs and lows of life together, yet their shared yearning for adventure remains steadfast. These three cinematic masterpieces, filmed across an expansive timeframe, gracefully capture the splendour of historically rich European cities like Vienna, Budapest, and Paris.


Based on the eponymous novel, “Wild” ignites a passion for travel and explores the profound journey of self-discovery. The film chronicles the arduous expedition of Cheryl Strayed, an inexperienced real-life backpacker, as she ventures on a 1,100-mile trek across the United States. Driven by the loss of her mother, Cheryl finds the courage to venture forth alone, forging a deep connection with her inner being and emerging as a resilient and seasoned individual. Reese Witherspoon delivers a captivating performance, embodying Cheryl’s character flawlessly.

Little Miss Sunshine

“Little Miss Sunshine” is an absolute gem, brimming with humour, quirkiness, and timeless appeal. Joining forces in their somewhat functional vehicle, a delightfully dysfunctional family sets off on a remarkable road trip to make their 10-year-old daughter’s dreams come true. Each family member possesses quirks that will have you simultaneously laughing and shedding a tear. As the mile markers decrease, the initial discomfort dissipates, fostering genuine connections among the family members.

The Bucket List

The movie explores our unfulfilled desires and serves as a poignant reminder that life is fleeting and should not be wasted on trivial matters. It ignites a deep yearning to embrace life to its fullest potential. The appeal of “The Bucket List” lies in its captivating portrayal of two cancer patients who escape the confines of the hospital and go on a transformative journey, guided by their list of must-do activities before their time runs out.

Eat Pray Love

This film (adapted from a bestselling book) rests on the premise that travelling is an exceptional remedy for a shattered heart. Following the book’s publication, the film adaptation received widespread acclaim and captivated audiences with its exquisite portrayal. With Julia Roberts as the protagonist, this cinematic masterpiece has become one of the most inspirational travel movies ever made. The narrative delves into the aftermath of a broken marriage and a tormented heart as the central character undertakes a quest to discover the true purpose of her existence. Along her journey, she rediscovers herself and forges a profound connection with her inner being. Filmed in exquisite locales spanning Italy, India, and Indonesia, the movie showcases the magnificence of these diverse realms.

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