9 Must-Have Travel Gears And Gadgets For A Seamless Trip

It always helps to stay fully prepared when travelling. If you are soon embarking on a journey and wondering what to pack, here's our list of essentials for a worry-free experience

Shreya Cheema
July 5, 2023
9 Must-Have Travel Gears And Gadgets For A Seamless Trip

While clothes and toiletries are some must-haves while travelling, certain extra additions to the packing list can help make the journey easier. These include things that you may end up requiring every day to things that you may find the need for when faced with unforeseen situations. Knowing that you are fully prepared, especially while travelling abroad, can help reduce the anxiety of travelling. To ensure that you don’t miss out on some essentials, we’ve compiled a list of necessary gear and gadgets to keep handy when travelling:


Universal Adapters

You might still hold onto your outdated gadgets if you’re not tech-savvy. Unfortunately, technology advances rapidly, making it challenging to find compatible outlets for your electronics. That’s where universal adapters come in handy. Whether you’re travelling domestically or internationally, these adapters save you the hassle of searching in vain for a compatible plug. Simply attach them to your cables; you can use any plug to charge your devices.

Compression Socks

Socks are often overlooked, but when you’re on a trip, it’s crucial to prioritise your health and well-being, especially your legs. Investing in a pair of compression socks is ideal for this purpose. You can wear them as needed or even as a preventive measure. Compression socks offer numerous benefits that many people are unaware of. They improve circulation in your legs, reduce leg swelling and hypotension, and help prevent venous ulcers. These socks are foldable, easy to carry, and extremely helpful for travellers constantly exploring new places.

Convenient Folding Canes 

Walking has its advantages when you travel. It allows you to explore lesser-known areas and take in the views at your own pace. If you’re a senior citizen who relies on a cane and wants to travel with one, consider replacing your bulky cane with a foldable version that fits easily into your suitcase. With quick unfolding, you can use the cane wherever you go.

Wrap-Around Travel Pillow

We’ve all experienced this scenario: getting on a plane to catch up on reading, falling asleep in an awkward position (with our book on the floor), and waking up with a painful neck ache. Even traditional neck pillows can lead to uncomfortable angles and less-than-optimal support. Instead, consider a wrap-around neck pillow, a creative update to the typical accessory. These pillows ensure your head stays neutral regardless of which side you lean. Since they wrap around your neck completely, there’s no chance of tilting or dropping them.

Magnetic Eyeglass Holder

One universal problem is losing your glasses, which becomes even riskier when you’re on the move. Magnetic eyeglass holders solve this by always keeping your glasses within easy reach. Their magnetic attachment can cling to any fabric (typically your top) and provide a secure spot for your spectacles. You can rest your frames on the magnetic holder and move around freely without the risk of losing them, even with twists and turns.

Item Locators

Keeping your belongings organised can be challenging when living out of a suitcase. Certain items like keys, phones, and wallets always go missing. Attaching an item locator sensor to these items lets you quickly find them when they inevitably get lost. Simply press a button on your receiver (remote/app), and follow the light and sound signals to locate your belongings.

Medication Organiser

A medication organiser helps seniors keep track of their daily medications while travelling. Look for a compact and durable organiser with compartments labelled for each day of the week, making it convenient to carry and manage medications.

Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Long-distance travelling can be a tiring and distracting experience, especially with the constant noise around. However, seniors can now have a more peaceful and enjoyable journey with the help of noise-cancelling headphones. These fabulous headphones effectively diminish background noise, allowing seniors to fully immerse themselves in their preferred music or audiobooks without interruptions.

Portable Blood Pressure Monitor

For individuals who need to monitor their blood pressure levels closely, having a portable blood pressure monitor can be quite beneficial during their travels. It is highly recommended to opt for a device that is compact and easy to carry around but also simple to operate. With accurate readings of utmost importance, choosing a precise measurement model is also crucial.

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