Why Buying Travel Policy Is a Must

Travel insurance protects against unforeseen events on your journey

Himakshi Panwar
May 29, 2023
Why Buying Travel Policy Is a Must

A typical travel checklist covers several essentials, but travel insurance is something that not many people consider. Yet it has become essential after the pandemic, amid a skyrocketing surge in travel. Blame it on a lack of awareness; not many know about the perks of travel insurance and how it can be a blessing against any mishap that might affect your plans. Choose the right travel plan to help you plan your trip better and ensure that aspects like geography/countries, number of travel days, and sum insured are carefully examined before you buy one.


Provides Medical Cover

Travel insurance takes care of expenses related to any health-related emergency. Generally, insurance policies provide a cash allowance to travellers who are hospitalised, and some also cover the cost of transportation. In case of a medical emergency on an international trip, travel insurance acts as a buffer against considerably higher medical costs.

Covers Flight Cancellations and Delays

Flights are often cancelled, delayed, or rescheduled due to bad weather. Travel insurance will cover expenses related to the rescheduling of flights or lodging and food expenses for the period of delay. Even when passengers miss their flights, travel insurance plays a key role in mitigating the damage.

Covers Loss of Baggage and Passport

The compensation structure for luggage loss (international and domestic travel) is subject to terms and conditions. Usually, the insurance cover bears the expenses of the lost baggage if the carrier company takes accountability for the loss and verifies the passenger’s loss claim. Many insurance policies also cover the cost of buying essentials. In the case of passports, the insurance generally covers expenses incurred while obtaining a new passport or a duplicate copy.

Covers Extended Stay

Travellers are often forced to extend their stay at their accommodation due to unforeseen circumstances (inclement weather, political unrest, or natural disasters). In such a situation, travel insurance covers the cost of the extended stay.

Cancellation Cover

This provision helps travellers claim their vacation expenses up to a certain amount, subject to terms and conditions. Please note that cancellation coverage only applies to unpredictable situations like accidents, calamities, etc.

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