Top Five Destinations For A Relaxing Holiday

From Japan to Italy to Kerala, these destinations are perfect for unwinding, yet experiencing something new.

Shreya Cheema
May 20, 2023
Top Five Destinations For A Relaxing Holiday

Whether you want to sit by the beach with a book all day or treat your eyes to stunning art from around the world, travelling is a great way to enrich your soul. If you have been craving a getaway for a long time, we have put together the perfect list of places you can visit to keep the minutiae of day-to-day life from catching up.



Italy is perhaps the best place to take it slow–you can spend the day strolling through winding lanes, or while away time watching people or reading your favourite book at a charming streetside cafe. You can also visit one of many neighbourhood galleries and take in the beauty of an inspiring art scene. The best part about it is that the relaxed way of life will instantly make you feel at ease. And if you are wondering where in Italy you should head to, easy-to-access cities with relatively flat terrain (think Volterra, Lucca, and Bologna) make for a great choice.


When you think of Japan, you think of neon lights, busy streets, and cutting-edge tech. And while it does have all that to leave youngsters starry-eyed, there’s enough (and even more) for all age groups. From heritage museums and ancient temples to hot springs, the country has much to offer for those looking to take it slow. What’s better? As one of the most age-friendly countries in the world, every attraction is easily accessible due to Japan’s intuitive design. People over 60 can also get ticket discounts when visiting tourist sites. For instance, if you are interested in a deep dive into Japan’s history or culture, a few days in a traditional city like Kansai makes for a charming trip. Even Kyoto, dotted with around 2,000 stunning temples, is a great destination.


From unforgettable wildlife experiences to delicious cuisine and vibrant city life, Australia (especially cities like Melbourne and Canberra) promises diverse, memorable experiences for travellers. It is one of the few countries to embrace user-friendly public transport systems. It is also known for community-wide efforts to make social spaces comfortable and accessible for people of all ages.


Soulful music, engaging traditional dance forms, great food, and a treasure trove of fascinating history–Rajasthan has everything to capture your imagination. The best part is that its royal past shines through almost everything you experience, especially when you stay at one of the grand resorts in destinations like Udaipur, Jodhpur, and Jaisalmer.


With backwaters crisscrossing the state and pristine beaches outlining it, you never run out of beautiful sights in Kerala. It is one of the few destinations in India where you can genuinely relax and rejuvenate your mind and body. If you wish to travel with your loved ones, Kerala’s diverse experiences offer many chances to make some beautiful memories together. You should make bookings in advance for September to April, as Kerala is a popular destination for family getaways during that time of the year. Although every place in Kerala is steeped in beauty, Kumarakom or Kovalam are the most sought-after options among travellers.

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