Sound Therapy To Zero Gravity Massage: Choose Wellness On Your Next Holiday

The health and well-being of seniors can benefit immensely from wellness treatments that offer a variety of benefits ranging from relaxation and stress management to pain relief

Piyali Sen
August 22, 2023
Sound Therapy To Zero Gravity Massage: Choose Wellness On Your Next Holiday

Being active and healthy is critical and does not alter as we age. It becomes more crucial as we age. One excellent approach for seniors to improve their health and feel great is to take advantage of various wellness programmes that offer a wide range of benefits to the aged. Here are some wellness treatments to travel for.


Sound Therapy In Rishikesh

Sound therapy can help reduce stress by boosting brain activity and fostering relaxation. They could notice changes in their general health after each session. This may also lessen the likelihood of developing mental health problems as one ages. Though based in Rishikesh, the Himalayan Academy of Sound Healing has expanded its knowledge through online exchange programmes and courses. It is based on the idea that sound can heal individuals, and the goal is to find unusual and organic ways to provide harmony and stability to mental health. The online courses are divided into two parts, each consisting of a five-day session concentrating on distinct aspects of sound therapy.

Yoga And Ayurveda In Kasturbadham

Raga Svara, located in Gujarat’s Kasturbadham area (near Rajkot), is an upscale spa resort, Ayurveda learning institution, and cultural hub for its guests. The cutting-edge resort provides luxury accommodations, wellness cuisine, and guru-led yoga and meditation programmes. It also offers consultations based on detailed Dashavidha and Nadi Pariksha and tailored treatment regimens for a genuinely personalised wellness experience. To unwind and escape from daily stresses, we recommend participating in their holistic wellness programme, which focuses on four essential areas: Therapeutic, Philosophical, Aesthetic, and Ecological Well-being.

Organic Reset In Bengaluru

Soukya is an organic farm in Bengaluru that can help you achieve a healthy mind, body, and soul balance. Discover the wonders of integrative therapeutic approaches that integrate classic, ageless, and successful wellness systems such as Ayurveda, homoeopathy, yoga, and naturopathy, among others, in a healing paradise. Professionals at the retreat recommend customised treatment regimens and specifically made drugs based on your needs and crucial challenges. We recommend booking a short stay here if you’re looking for holistic healing.

Zero Gravity Bed Massage In Gangtok

Zero-gravity beds are beneficial for older people as they help relieve body aches and heart and blood circulation issues and promote better sleep. Sikkim, the land of calm and tranquillity, is noted for its soaring mountains, lush forests, and abundance of flowers, butterflies, and birds. The northeastern state, home to the world’s third-highest mountain peak, is commonly called “paradise on Earth.” The award-winning Mayfair Spa Resort, located in Gangtok’s central city, is ideal for those seeking peace and quiet while enjoying unique wellness treatments. It is famous for its zero-gravity bed massage, which simulates the action of sea waves. The floating experience, combined with a massage that targets specific spots on the body, rapidly relaxes both the body and the mind.

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