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Houseboat Destinations In India

Enhance your travel experience by booking a houseboat stay

Himakshi Panwar
June 10, 2023
Why You Should Relocate

Why You Should Relocate

Imagine sipping noon chai away from the din of urban life sitting in a beautifully adorned houseboat. Sounds perfect for your next holiday? Here are three destinations in India for a tranquil houseboat stay.


The 1964 hit “Kashmir Ki Kali” with the iconic song “Yeh chand sa roshan chehra” made shikaras a must-have travel experience for Indians. It was the sight of Shammi Kapoor wooing Sharmila Tagore on the Dal Lake that made folks queue up to book houseboat stays. so much so that it continues to be a mandatory Kashmir experience. Here are a few legendary ones that you can book.

Meena Group Houseboats, Dal Lake

Established in 1933 by the Siah family, Meena Group Houseboats have maintained their vintage ambience with original wood-carved panelling and colonial-style furniture. The houseboats feature four bedrooms adorned with silk tapestry and elegant chandeliers, providing a perfect view of the Dal Lake. They have a suite-style room, offering amenities such as central heating, minibars, a private garden, and an open deck. The on-site restaurant, Spice, serves a rotating six-course organic menu showcasing local flavours.

Prices start from INR 12,000 (charges may vary)

Naaz Kashmir, Nigeen Lake

This houseboat has been sailing for 40 years now and offers a delightful experience with central heating, air conditioning, and high-speed WiFi. Enjoy a cup of kahwa, a traditional Kashmiri tea while embracing misty mornings on the lake. The lounge area features a collection of Bollywood movies, and the deck provides a serene outdoor setting with local birds like the blue kingfisher and wild ducks making an appearance. Choose from the five bedrooms, all named after flowers: saffron, daffodil, lavender, tulip, and lotus.

Prices start from INR 9,999 (charges may vary)

Mascot Houseboats, Nigeen LakeThese cedarwood shikaras have been operated by the Tuman family since the 1980s. Each boat showcases remarkable craftsmanship, featuring intricate carvings, Persian rugs, and exquisite chandeliers. Alongside these traditional elements, the boats offer modern amenities such as jacuzzis, hot tubs, flat-screen TVs, and air purifiers in the rooms. Guests can choose from six types of rooms and suites, all of which provide scenic views of either the lake or the Zabarwan range. Accommodation options include a fireplace and a minibar.

Prices start from INR 15,000 (charges may vary)



Traditionally known as ketuvallam, Kerala houseboats were initially used for transporting goods, but over the years, they have become a popular tourist experience. The state is famous for its backwater tourism, and there is nothing better than booking a houseboat to explore the region’s intricate network of water channels.


Located on the banks of Kerala’s backwaters, Kumarakom is a captivating destination where houseboats offer comfortable arrangements with open lounges, kitchenettes, and attached bathrooms. The houseboats are maintained by a skilled crew consisting of a cook and a guide.

Prices start from INR 13,000 (charges may vary)


Tourists in Alleppey can choose from various water transport options, including houseboats, motorboats, and shikaras, each offering unique experiences. Motorboat cruises are considered the most economical choice, allowing visitors to enjoy the picturesque waters of Alleppey. Shikaras provide an alternative experience. And traditional houseboats offer a range of relatively more luxurious amenities, ranging from deluxe to premium and luxury.

Prices start from INR 10,000 (charges may vary)


The backwater cruise from Alleppey to Kollam is the longest in Kerala, lasting over eight hours. Along the way, you can admire the captivating sight of Chinese nets and the blooming water lilies. The Kollam houseboat cruise takes you on a southward journey, allowing you to traverse the entire length of Kerala, from north to south.

Prices start from INR 20,000 (charges may vary)



In Goa, houseboats are available for various durations to suit your stay. You can book a houseboat for three hours, a full day, or overnight. Enjoy an overnight stay in a four-bedroom houseboat and the scenic journey through rivers, passing charming villages, ancient churches, and lush paddy fields. The cruises ensure a comfortable and convenient trip with modern amenities, enhancing your overall experience.

Prices start from INR 2,799 per person (charges may vary)

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