Go On An Agatha Christie Adventure Trail

Enjoy the Queen of Crime's whodunits? We have designed a trail specifically for seasoned senior travellers who would enjoy an interesting trip without placing undue strain on their physical well-being

Antara Chatterjee
August 16, 2023
Agatha Christie

Agatha Christie

For those with a penchant for mystery, intrigue, and the charm of a bygone era, the world of Agatha Christie holds an irresistible allure. Usually a big hit with grandparents, the Queen of Mystery and her iconic detectives have given many people company by letting generations escape into her meticulously woven plots. A journey to the settings that inspired her becomes a captivating adventure. For older travellers who are into the allure of mystery novels and those who appreciate the elegance of a classic tale, here’s a curated list of top destinations for the devoted Agatha Christie fan.


These destinations offer a portal to the realms of imagination for the connoisseurs of classic mysteries and the aficionados of Agatha Christie’s artistry. As you traverse the landscapes that once sparked her literary genius, you’ll find yourself walking alongside Hercule Poirot, Miss Marple, and a cast of unforgettable characters. With every step, you’ll unravel the threads of intrigue that have woven the legacy of Agatha Christie, leaving an indelible mark on the world of literature and the hearts of devoted readers.

Torquay, England – The Birthplace Of A Literary Genius

Embark on a pilgrimage to the birthplace of the Queen of Mystery herself, Torquay. Wander through the quaint streets, basking in the nostalgia of Agatha’s early years. Explore the serene beauty of Torre Abbey Gardens, where young Agatha Christie found solace and inspiration amidst the lush surroundings. Delve into the past at the Torquay Museum, where artefacts from her life and works provide an intimate glimpse into her world.

The Orient Express – Reliving The Glamour Of The Golden Age

Step aboard the iconic Orient Express and journey back to an era of opulence and suspense. This luxurious train, forever immortalised in Christie’s “Murder on the Orient Express,” invites you to savour a sumptuous dining experience as you traverse stunning landscapes reminiscent of her novels. Relive the enigma of Hercule Poirot’s most celebrated case and bask in the allure of a bygone era.

Greenway Estate, Devon – Agatha’s Private Haven

Uncover the secrets of Greenway Estate, Agatha Christie’s private retreat. Nestled along the serene River Dart, this captivating estate offers a glimpse into the author’s personal life. Explore the elegant Georgian mansion, which served as a canvas for her literary creations. Stroll through the enchanting gardens that inspired plots and characters, and revel in the ambience that fueled her creativity.

Cairo, Egypt – Tracing The Footsteps Of “Death On The Nile”

Venture to the captivating landscapes of Egypt, where the mystique of the Nile River intertwines with intrigue. Embrace the allure of Cairo’s bustling streets and vibrant bazaars, mirroring the vivid backdrop of Christie’s “Death on the Nile.” Cruise along the iconic river, tracing the path of Hercule Poirot’s pursuit of justice, and immerse yourself in the mysticism that breathes life into Christie’s tales.

Burgh Island, Devon – A Scene Of Intrigue And Suspicion

Find yourself transported to the evocative realm of Burgh Island, an enchanting tidal island off the coast of Devon. This idyllic setting served as the backdrop for “Evil Under the Sun,” infusing the narrative with suspense. Wander the island’s shores, exploring the iconic Burgh Island Hotel that exudes an old-world charm reminiscent of the intriguing mysteries that Christie masterfully crafted.

Bagan, Myanmar – Enigmatic Landscapes And Unraveled Plots

Embark on a voyage to Bagan, where ancient temples rise from the earth like echoes of forgotten stories. Christie’s intrigue finds a new dimension in the heart of these enigmatic landscapes. Lose yourself amidst the architectural wonders, letting your imagination run wild as you envision the unfolding of tales inspired by the mysticism that envelops Bagan.

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