A Roman Holiday

Explore the city of Rome at a slower pace as the sun bathes the ancient cobblestone streets in a warm glow

Priyanka Kapoor
August 15, 2023
Roman holiday

Roman holiday

Rome, often referred to as the “Eternal City,” is a living testament to an illustrious past. A cradle of Western civilisation, Rome has nurtured art, philosophy, and architecture for millennia. Cultural tourism thrives here, as visitors are invited to explore a blend of influences from the ancient Roman, Renaissance, and Baroque periods.


For senior travellers seeking cultural experiences, Rome is a great destination to explore the diverse aspects of a city at a reasonable pace. Many attractions provide guided tours with knowledgeable docents who offer historical insights and ensure a comfortable pace. Additionally, most major sites have ramps, elevators, and accessible paths, making it easier for seniors to explore without hindrance.

The city’s iconic landmarks, cobblestone alleys, and bustling piazzas provide a backdrop that seamlessly merges the past with the present.

The Colosseum

Standing as a monumental tribute to Roman engineering prowess, the Colosseum symbolises ancient gladiatorial combat. This amphitheatre, inaugurated in AD 80, once hosted grand spectacles and contests. Its grandeur, despite the ravages of time, continues to command respect. Senior travellers will appreciate the guided tours that provide historical context and comfortable access. The Colosseum has wheelchair accessibility with a ramp for entry and mobility around the lower level.

The Vatican Museums And St. Peter’s Basilica

A pilgrimage to the heart of the Roman Catholic Church is a must for any cultural explorer. The Vatican Museums house an astonishing collection of art amassed by generations of popes. The pièce de résistance, Michelangelo’s frescoed Sistine Chapel ceiling, is a marvel to behold. St. Peter’s Basilica, an architectural masterpiece, offers a serene sanctuary for contemplation and spirituality. The Vatican is accessible to individuals using wheelchairs. The majority of the museum areas are designed to be wheelchair friendly, although it is recommended to arrange a special tour with a planned route before visiting the Vatican.

Roman Forum And Palatine Hill

The Roman Forum, once the vibrant centre of political and social life in ancient Rome, provides a glimpse into the city’s past. Adjacent to the Forum, Palatine Hill is where Rome’s emperors built their luxurious palaces. Strolling through these ruins, senior travellers can connect with history and marvel at the fragments of grandeur that remain. Electric scooters are available for rent at Palatine Hill for visitors with disabilities.

Piazza Navona

A true Roman gem, Piazza Navona boasts Bernini’s stunning Fountain of the Four Rivers and a lively atmosphere that encapsulates the city’s spirit. This square is perfect for senior travellers seeking a relaxed afternoon of café culture, where they can admire art, indulge in gelato, and observe local life.

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