Terrace Gardening: A Cost-Effective Hobby For Senior Citizens

Terrace gardening is an excellent way for senior citizens to enjoy nature and create a tranquil space at home at a minimal cost. Here’s how to get started with your new green hobby

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October 31, 2023
Terrace Gardening

Terrace Gardening

Gardening, which can be described as a delightful pastime, is a fantastic way for senior citizens to enjoy their love of nature while also staying actively engaged in their retirement years. It will help one reap the fruits of one’s labour, while also actively nurture the environment. While many think gardening can be expensive, it is actually not so. In fact, terrace gardening offers an affordable way to get started, which can be later expanded into a farm or even a horticulture venture.


So, pick up the trowel and the saplings and get started with your new hobby without breaking your retirement kitty.

Initial Costs

When starting your terrace garden, there will be some initial expenses that you will have to consider.

Seeds and Saplings: The costs will vary as per the plant you choose. They will typically be in double digits, or triple digits for the more exotic varieties.

Containers: Large plastic containers will cost about Rs 150 per piece, while clay pots will cost around Rs 300 per piece. Clay pots will be heavier and sturdier compared to plastic pots. They are also more environment-friendly.

Soil Bed/Manure: You can get a 10-kg pack of garden soil mix starting at Rs 600, which can go up to Rs 2,500 per 10 kilograms, depending on the ingredients used.

Associated Costs

There are some additional costs as well that you will have to take into consideration.

Pruning: You will need to regularly prune and trim your plants to remove dead or diseased branches to keep your plants healthy. Pruning cutters will cost you about Rs 200-300 per piece, while pruning saws, which you will need for sturdier plants, will set you back by Rs 500-700 per piece.

Fertilisers: Plants will require nourishment to stay healthy. Organic fertilisers typically contain a rich mix of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, which are essential for the growth of the plant. Organic fertilisers, such as organic neem cake powder are available for around Rs 150 per kilogramme. However, you can also try to make fertilisers on your own by using cow dung powder, bio gas slurry, tea waste, onion leaves, or a mix of these.

Pest Control: Pests can wreak havoc with your plants. So, keep an eye out for them, especially in damp conditions, where they typically thrive. You can also use organic pest control methods or natural repellents to keep your plants protected without harming the environment.

Mulching: Mulching essentially means layering the soil around your plant with organic matter, such as dried leaves or straws. The benefit it does to your plants is three-fold. It helps retain the moisture, while also preventing soil erosion and checking weed growth.

Though this is not a necessity for terrace gardening, but if you are planning to grow many plants on the ground at a slightly larger scale, mulching would be beneficial for your plants. You can also use mulching papers, which are available online for around Rs 2,000 for a 400-meter roll. However, coir mulch mats, which are more suited for terrace gardens, will cost you about Rs 40 per piece for each pot.

Essential Tools

You will also need a few essential tools to complete your terrace gardening kit. Here are some of the basic equipment that you will need to start with.

Hand Hoe: This will help with soil cultivation and will cost upwards of Rs 250.

Rose Can: A 5-liter rose water can will cost you between Rs 150 and Rs 350.

Hand Sprayer: For large-scale gardening, you will need a hand sprayer. These range from Rs 350 to Rs 1,000.

Gardening Hose with Sprinkler: This is a handy tool, and will cost you in the range of Rs 500-1,000.

Moss or Coir Pole: You can use these to support climbers, such as money plants. A set of four pieces will cost you Rs 150-200.

Gardening: A Budget-Friendly Hobby

You can set up a thriving terrace garden with about 15 plants for as little as Rs 15,000 to start with.

Terrace gardening will not only help you nurture your fondness for nature, but also help you properly optimise your vacant space while providing you with ample opportunity to undertake physical exercise and promote your well-being.

As a retired senior citizen, it will give you a new hobby to keep yourself engaged, relieve you of boredom, and most importantly, at an affordable cost.

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