How To Return To Work After Retirement

Work forms a major part of our lives. Hence, for many people, retirement is a nightmare. They look for some work to keep them busy. So, how do you get to work after retirement?

Amit Sethi
September 22, 2023
Old man checking internet after retirement

Old man checking internet after retirement

On the one hand, we have plenty of people in terms of population. On the other hand, companies often find it difficult to get the right expertise. Can retired people fill this gap since they have experience and expertise? Let’s explore how you can get back to work after taking a retirement.


Look For Appropriate Opportunities

Talk to your former colleagues who are still in a job. Use social media and your friend circle to find a good opportunity for you. You can also find part-time work. So, keep looking for the right opportunity. There may be frustrating times when you may not get any response after applying for multiple jobs, but these are normal outcomes for anyone, irrespective of age. You have to get the right call; your expertise will ensure you get the job.

Decide On The Time You Can Spend On A Job

It is very subjective, and there is no correct answer, unlike in professional life where the work duration is at least 8 hrs. While deciding this, do not overstretch yourself and spend all your time at work even though you can do it. There are other things in life which require your attention equally, especially you also need to take care of your health, so you can’t handle stress as an elderly person.

If you cannot spend full-time, look for part-time jobs. Jobs such as school teacher, tuition tutor, software engineer and experts in any area can find good opportunities. You can choose the right job depending on your past work experience, interest and the type of job available around you.

Choose The Work In Sync With Your Expertise

Expertise is vital. It can be difficult for you to learn new things after age 60. The advantage of your own expertise is that it increases as you age. Use your expertise to get work in your domain. If you retired from a banking job, look for banks. Many banks seek loan experts, valuation experts, accounts, and tellers. The money paid to you may be less than someone who is still young and not retired. But it should be sufficient for your living and to keep you busy. Also, money from your pension will add to your good life.

You can also do your own practice after retirement. A CA can help people file taxes; a lawyer can help people build their cases; a teacher can tutor students or take a part-time lecturer in a college/school; a doctor can start practice; and an engineer can do consulting.

Inform Your Family About Your Decision

This is the most important. At this age, you will need the full support of your family in pursuing your work. Good family support is essential for you to follow the routine that work requires. Your job will be easier if the family is fine with your decision. So, take them into confidence.

If you plan to return to work after a long gap, you may need to brush up on your skills. You can get in touch with somebody working in the domain in which you have expertise and learn about the new updates.

Returning to work can be a good option if you live a single life or feel alone. It can allow you to create a new social connection, and you can easily overcome loneliness.

The author is an independent financial journalist

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