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How To Check Your EPF Balance? 4 Ways You Can Access The Details

The Employee's Provident Fund is a social security scheme for the organised sector employees.

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July 8, 2023
Check Your EPF Balance

Check Your EPF Balance

The Employee’s Provident Fund (EPF) is a social security scheme for people working in the organized sector in India. The employees and the employers contribute an equal amount of money to the EPF fund every month for the staff’s financial security. The employees can withdraw the amount after retirement and sometimes before that on specific grounds or emergencies like a serious illness, house purchase, home renovation, loan repayment, children’s marriage, etc. You might feel the need to Check Your EPF Balance and know the details of the account.

So the main purpose of EPF is to offer financial security after retirement. However, one should know the amount accumulated in the EPF account every month.

Here is how you can check your EPF balance. You can check the EPF deposits in four ways: through a call, SMS, mobile app, and the EPF portal.

Through Call

It is the simplest method to get the EPF balance information. The only prerequisite to avail of this service is that the member must link their UAN number with the KYC details and the registered mobile number. UAN is a unique number provided to every employee, which remains the same even if one changes jobs.

Once these are in place, the member can give a missed call on 9966044425 from the registered mobile number to receive an SMS with the PF details within a few seconds.

Through SMS

The member with an activated UAN number can get the balance details and the latest EPF contribution by sending an SMS. One needs to send an SMS with the words “EPFOHO UAN” to 7738299899 from a registered mobile number to get the details, including the last PF contribution, the balance amount, and the KYC information, within seconds.

Through UMANG App

Members can download their EPF passbook through the Unified Mobile Application or the new-age governance ‘UMANG’ app. First, download the UMANG app from the Google Play Store and register it with the UAN-linked mobile number to access the app. It is a one-time process.

You can check EPF details in two ways.

1. Open the UMANG app and log in with the mobile number, with an OTP or MPIN. Once logged in, click on the ‘All Service’ option and search for ‘EPFO’ in the search bar. After selecting EPFO, click ‘View Passbook’ under ‘Employee Centric Services’.

You can view your current and previous employers with their name, member ID, and establishment ID there. Click on the employer name and the passbook with the transactions, and the balance will open, showing transactions related to that employer.

2. Open the app (do not log in), and in the search bar in the app, write ‘EPFO’. Select the option EPFO and then ‘View passbook’. You will be asked to enter your UAN and one-time password (OTP) in a pop-up screen. Click on ‘get OTP’. Enter the OTP in the next box and submit.

The passbook will open for viewing as well as downloading.

EPF Portal

You can check the balance and the statement through this portal.

1. To check the balance online, go to the EPFO portal/Our Services/For Employees. A new page will appear with the login ID and password box. Enter the UAN and password. The new page will show the ‘Passbook’ option on the home page. Click on that to see the details and download the passbook.

Note the members have to first register on the EPFO Unified Member Portal. You may reset the password on the unified portal site if you do not remember the password.

2. One can also go directly to the EPF passbook portal ‘’. After login, click on the ‘Passbook’ tab on the homepage to see the EPF details and the download passbook.

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