5 Quick Budgeting Fixes For Those Living On Fixed Income

Despite a big retirement corpus, many retirees still fear how they would spend their lives on a fixed income. Some budgeting fixes can make it easy for them to live on a fixed income.

Amit Sethi
September 21, 2023
Retirement plans

Retirement plans

Do you want to know about quick budgeting fixes that can help retirees save a large amount of money? Let us look at some ways for retirees to improve their budgeting so they can rely on fixed income to meet their spending needs for the rest of their lives.


Save Before Spending

Save first. The first thing you should do when you get the monthly pension is to take a part of it and save or put it into a low-risk investment such as Government schemes, high-grade corporate bonds, or debt funds. On getting a big sum in hand, the normal approach is to spend it on things you desire. The correct approach is to use your money to meet your essential expenses and save the rest so that you can deploy it into appropriate investment assets.

Make A Priority List

Do you go to the shopping mall once in a while and tend to buy things which you may not need? This is what marketers refer to as impulse buying. We do it all the time, irrespective of age. The most potent weapon to guard against impulse buying is to make a list of items before doing any shopping. Apart from this, make a priority list for slightly bigger expenses. Only after the priority list is completed, and if you still have a good amount of money which you can afford to spend, go for impulse buying. A priority list clears your cluttered mind and makes you focus on things that are absolutely necessary.

Review Your Bank Statement Regularly

Earlier, when we did not have online banking and a digital payment system, it was difficult to analyse your expenses. There was no record unless you maintained it manually. Now, with the advent of online banking and digital payment, you can see your expenses, big or small, in your bank statement. Reviewing the bank statements can give you a good perspective on your expenses and how you can control them.

Control Your Expenses

You can do a number of things to control expenses after retiring from active professional life. For example, you can give a creative gift instead of an expensive one. A handmade gift is cheaper and creates a bigger impact on your relationship. Also, you can reduce the frequency of going out for dinner or movies.

Lead A Healthy Life

While this may not be a quick budget fix, it will have a considerable impact on your financial well-being. Living healthy makes you reduce your medical expenses drastically. Not only if it is financially cheaper but also socially rewarding. You make newer friends, create a group of like-minded people, and build healthy surroundings.

The author is an independent financial journalist

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