Go On A Wine Trail Vacation In India

Sip on glasses of reds and whites while you relax at these plush resorts

Antara Chatterjee
May 30, 2023
Go On A Wine Trail Vacation In India

When we think of wine, what comes to mind is the Bordeaux region or Vienna, Austria. But wine connoisseurs in India need not worry and make huge dents in their pockets to travel to foreign shores. If you are looking to have a relaxing weekend replete with refills of the choicest wines, there is a lot to explore closer to home than you think.


Sula Vineyards, Nashik

Sula is probably the first name that strikes you when you think of Indian heritage and artisanal wines. With a sprawling, lush vineyard in Nashik and a wide range of artisanal wines, the retreat offers two stunning stay options as well. The Source by Sula offers a haven of serenity where couples can escape for an intimate vacation. The meticulously designed suites and treehouses provide a perfect blend of luxury and nature, immersing guests in a tranquil ambience. Surrounded by the verdant beauty of rolling vines, Beyond by Sula beckons with its Sky and Lake villas, boasting breathtaking panoramic views of the idyllic expanse of Gangapur Lake. Immerse yourself in the infinity pools, embark on enchanting cycling vineyard tours, indulge in rejuvenating spa therapies, and be sure to mark your calendars for the renowned Sula Fest, a celebration of life, music, and exquisite wines.

Tariff: Starts from INR 8,498 for two

Vallonné Vineyards, Nashik

For a wine staycation, the boutique resort of Vallonné Vineyards is not to be missed. Surrounded by the serene Mukhne Lake, the resort captures the essence of rustic charm and refined elegance. Step into a world of vintage allure as you enter one of the four tastefully appointed rooms adorned with carefully selected antique furniture, hand-crafted upholstery, and captivating artefacts. Embrace a digital detox as the absence of television encourages a respite. Explore the village of Kavnai, and delve into the art of winemaking as expert vintners guide you through a captivating four-hour tour, unveiling the secrets behind your favourite bottle. Lastly, a delectable dining experience at Malaka Spice, the resort’s Southeast Asian restaurant, will surely leave your taste buds tantalised.

Tariff: Starts from INR 5,357 for two

Fratelli Wines, Solapur

Fratelli Wines is located inside a breathtaking estate in Solapur’s Akluj region, where you can escape for a tranquil stay away from the chaos of the city. Fratelli Wines is known for its exquisite Fratelli Sette Reserve Red, hailed as one of India’s finest red wines. Savour the velvety richness of carefully crafted vintages in state-of-the-art cellars and allow the expert sommeliers to guide you through a curated selection, each sip revealing a tapestry of notes and bouquets that delight the palate and awaken the senses. Take languid strolls exploring the sprawling 240 acres of lush property and enjoy authentic Maharashtrian cuisine while feasting your eyes on the breathtaking sunset.

Tariff: Starts from INR 7,000 for two

Four Seasons Vineyard, Baramati

The Four Seasons Vineyard is perfect for a slow, relaxing break while you sip on interesting wines amidst the lap of sophisticated luxury. Tucked away in the quaint town of Baramati on the outskirts of Pune, this is a French-inspired chateau surrounded by a sprawling 50-acre vineyard. The picture postcard-perfect beauty of this place is only matched with the delectable food paired with glasses of your favourite red, white, or rosé to sip on. This celebrated winery houses four exquisite suites, each an epitome of refined elegance and bespoke comfort. There is also a pool and a spa on the property with a beguiling view from the terrace of the Sahyadri Valley.

Tariff: Price on request

Soma Vine Village, Gangapur

The Soma Vine Village’s recently launched stay option is as unique and luxurious as it gets. Perched along the edge of the Gangapur Dam, this 2,500-square-foot wooden barrel is a much sought-after option for a serene stay. There is a private pool and an adventure park nearby for you to explore once you are done tasting the delicious wines and discover how they are made. The barrel houses cosy interiors with pastel wall accents and unfiltered views of the lush vines.

Tariff: Starts from INR 10,324 for two

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