How To Stay Active: 10 Tips To Avoid Boredom And Loneliness After Retirement

Retirement can be challenging, especially for those who have recently retired from jobs, if they haven’t planned it well. Here’re some aspects they need to consider

Versha Jain
August 23, 2023
How To Stay Active: 10 Tips To Avoid Boredom And Loneliness After Retirement

Given the various pros and cons of retirement, senior citizens need to plan for a smooth transition. While there are many benefits and opportunities of retirement, there can also be negative mental and physical impacts on your physique if you find yourself at a loss or struggle to find a purpose for life after retirement.


Recently, a non-profit organisation called the Nightingales Medical Trust conducted a job fair for senior citizens in Bengaluru in association with another NGO, Vayah Vikas, along with St Joseph’s University, reported Deccan Herald. Of the 652 senior citizens who attended the annual fair, 395 received job offers in administration, cashier, reception, life insurance, teaching, marketing advisory, security services, management positions, etc. The trust has been hosting the fair since 2011 and has reportedly helped some 3,000 seniors to get placements. It shows that many older people aren’t yet ready to quit their active work life.   

However, those who haven’t received an offer need not worry, as there are other ways to stay engaged and spend time productively and creatively while enjoying their relaxed life at home. Although productiveness could mean differently from one person to another, it primarily revolves around income generation and hobbies to kill boredom and loneliness.  

A study titled “Advocacy brief: Social isolation and loneliness among older people” shows that ‘social isolation and loneliness are harmful. They shorten older people’s lives and damage their mental and physical health and quality of life.”

So retired persons may consider the following to stay active physically and mentally.  

Nurture A Hobby: Soon after you retire, start a hobby which may be in your mind for a long time but could not pursue due to a time crunch. It could be reading the books you have collected over time but did not get time to read or training your vocal cord for a song you have always dreamt of perfecting.  

Start A YouTube Channel: If you are an extrovert and like to connect with people and have some social media expertise, you may use this medium to stay active. You may also earn income if you get good subscriptions.   

Join A Book Club: If you are financially sound and reading and learning new subjects is what you like, join a book club online or in your city to pass the time and feed your hungry mind. 

Turn Your Thumb Green: Gardening is good for mental and physical health and can help fight boredom. You can choose to grow your kitchen garden; take care of plants. Visit the nearest plant nursery to get gardening tips or buy plants for your backyard garden.    

Stay Fit With Exercise: Health is wealth for everybody. For seniors, caring for their health is also a necessity. Health expenses grow with age, and staying healthy and fit should be a priority to avoid unnecessary medical conditions and costs. So stay physically active.    

Start Writing: Many times, senior people want to share their life journey and want people to hear them. So, writing a memoir could be an option to stay mentally fit.   

Join A Cause: Joining a cause could also help you escape boredom and loneliness and find a purpose in life. You may look for an organization working for a particular cause you appreciate and join as a volunteer to stay engaged physically and mentally.  

Connect With Family Members: Seniors may like to talk with their young family members, who may not have time to give them company. Connecting with the extended family and friends could help. 

Travel: You may also start travelling to places you like or want to explore after retirement if you have planned your finances well and have enough in your kitty to cover travel expenses.  

Keep Learning Something New: Learning new things can help you remain active and fit mentally. So, even if you are an expert in your field, learn something new to strengthen your brain. Make learning new things a way of life.  

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