From Smartwatch Gold Charms To Vanki Rings: Chic Gifting Ideas That Seniors Can Explore This Diwali

A new rage for multi-occasion jewellery has opened many gifting options for every age and style.

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November 10, 2023
Gifting Options For Seniors This Diwali

Gifting Options For Seniors This Diwali

Senior citizens can explore a range of gifting options for their children and near and dear ones this Diwali to add shine and glamour at their workplaces. India’s jewellery market is witnessing a modern transformation with creativity and purpose, with more and more young office-goers looking for chic yet light and regular-use jewellery to adorn themselves.


This rage for multi-occasion jewellery has opened many gifting options for every age and style. For instance, smartwatch gold charms, chevron and vanki rings, gold pins and bands, etc., are a new fad among office-goers. Senior citizens can explore some of these gift ideas for their near and dear ones during Diwali, which is considered an auspicious day to buy gold.

Sudeep Nagar, co-founder and COO of BlueStone, a Bengaluru-based fine jewellery chain with 140 plus stores across India, says, “There’s been a gradual movement from buying jewellery purely for investment to design-led modern pieces, including those that are multi-wearable and can transition from office wear to special events.”

Among the items in vogue these days are gold charms for smartwatches, tie and hair pins, bands, etc., and they can be perfect gift items.

Ring designs, like chevron and vanki, are also seeing a remarkable surge in popularity in many cities. Nagar explains that Chevron rings’ versatility and graceful V-shaped patterns have made them suitable for everyday wear and special occasions. On the other hand, “Vanki rings are a fresh take on traditional Indian aesthetics” that complements diverse wardrobes,” he says.

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Demand Forecast this Festive Season

Although inflation in some sectors has impacted household budgets, jewellery demand is not expected to subside this festive season. Given the robust sentiment around the festive season, most jewellers expect a similar sales volume as before.

Sachin Kothari, director at Augmont Gold For All, says, “With many festivals and weddings happening in the last quarter of the year, demand is always higher than the rest of the year. Higher inflation might impact gold purchases to a small extent to the lower and lower middle class, but the upper middle class and upper class are not impacted, and they continue to buy the same amount.”

No wonder India is one of the world’s largest importers of gold due to its cultural significance in weddings and festivals. Nagar adds, “We tend to see pretty strong sales during the festive season, and we believe this year will be no exception. So, our expectations align with the patterns we’ve seen in the past.”

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