Tata AIG Launches Elder Care—A Comprehensive Health Insurance: Learn More

Tata AIG General Insurance Co. Ltd., on October 4, 2023, launched a health insurance policy for senior citizens, Tata AIG Elder Care. The policy is for people aged 61 years and above. 

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October 4, 2023
Health Insurance

Health Insurance

Tata AIG General Insurance Co. Ltd., on October 4, 2023, announced the launch of Tata AIG Elder Care, a health insurance policy for senior citizens that will provide medical cover benefits, day-care procedures, home nursing service, physiotherapy, preventive health and wellness features. It also offers home assessment and modification benefits to suit the mobility needs of older people.   


Health insurance is critical for senior citizens as they become prone to various ailments with age. Rising healthcare costs compel one to think about health insurance, which is more critical when it reaches its golden years.  

This insurance policy is aimed at senior citizens aged 61 years and above for their diverse medical needs. The Elder Care policy caters to the various medical requirements of old people, which may not be available in the existing policies.   

It is focused on providing curative health care and offering a preventive and assisted healthcare ecosystem. Under preventive healthcare, the policy covers annual preventive health consultations for some specialities. These annual consultations will be provided irrespective of the claims made. The policy will also cover home care, which it calls a ”comprehensive care feature” to give attention and care to senior citizens at home. The policyholders would also get a personalized health manager under the policy to address their needs.  

Neelesh Garg, MD & CEO of Tata AIG General Insurance Co. Ltd., said in the press release, “As we embark on a journey of redefining care and protection, we are thrilled to introduce Tata AIG Elder Care, a testament to our commitment to our senior citizens. With a blend of compassion, innovation, and comprehensive coverage, this policy encapsulates our dedication to ensuring the well-being and comfort of our seniors during their golden years. Tata AIG Elder Care reflects our unwavering promise to be a steadfast and trusted partner in safeguarding their health and happiness.” 

Here are the key features of the policy:  

Home Nursing Services: Under the policy, the policyholder will get home nursing service for seven days in the policy year as part of the post-operative care. Seven days is the maximum homecare one would get in a policy year. 

Personalized Health Manager: The policy will provide health managers for the policyholders who will help them get healthcare as post-operative care. They will also assist seniors with essential but tedious activities, such as scheduling appointments, coordinating with the service providers, etc. 

Wellness Services: Under this, the insured person can access wellness services on its customer app. These wellness services will include tele-consultations, consultations about nutrition and diet, and discounts on medicines and medical devices, health supplements, and other related services. Besides, policyholders can also order pharmacy products, and they will get them home-delivered.  

Home Physiotherapy: Senior policyholders can avail of up to ten physiotherapy sessions after medical issues, including joint replacement, stroke, surgery, or paralysis. The therapy sessions will be provided at home in India. 

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