Boosting Health Insurance Coverage After 65: What You Need to Know

Health risk increases as we age, and so adequate insurance coverage is crucial. Here we explore the options available for senior citizens to get possible higher coverage post-65.

Meghna Maiti
May 23, 2023
Boosting Health Insurance Coverage After 65: What You Need to Know

As we age, our health concerns become more pressing. For this reason, it is important to have adequate health insurance coverage to ensure we are financially prepared for any unexpected medical emergencies. But what if you or your parents have limited insurance coverage and is it possible to get higher coverage post-65?


Says Bhaskar Nerurkar, head of the health administration team at Bajaj Allianz General Insurance: “It is always advisable to opt for health coverage at an early age. However, it is also feasible to enhance your existing policy or seek new health insurance policies after 65 years. The insurance industry has evolved and now offers senior citizen-specific health insurance products, which can help lessen the financial burden on them and their families so they can live a worry-free life.”

To opt for a senior citizen health insurance policy, customers must reach out to their insurer or advisor for guidance in choosing the right product as per their age and required coverage. Senior citizens can also opt for top-up policies or riders specific to senior citizens offered by some insurers in the market.

They can also port their policy after 65 years provided the new insurer offers products catering to their desired age. For porting, the policy must be active and meet the requirements of the new insurance company.

Shreeraj Deshpande, head of health business at SBI General Insurance, explains that the health insurance plans available in the market have restrictions on the entry age for individuals. Insurance regulations provide for a maximum entry age of 65 years for adults, with a lifelong renewal option. However, there are certain policies that allow lifelong entry with no restriction on the maximum entry age limit. Also, the insurance coverage for parents can be enhanced after they reach 65 based on the availability of this particular product feature and underwriting guidelines.

Ashish Yadav, head of products at Manipal Cigna Health Insurance, adds that it is possible to get higher coverage post-65 years. However, sometimes, the existing medical conditions may make the process of getting health insurance cover a bit difficult for senior citizens. That’s why it is advisable to buy a health insurance policy at a young age, especially when you are healthy. Nonetheless, whenever one buys a health insurance plan for senior citizens, ensure it provides coverage for the broadest range of ailments with limited exclusions.

It is important to note that portability is allowed under all individual indemnity health insurance policies issued by general insurers and health insurers. It means that if you or your parents wish to switch to a different insurer, you can do so without losing any benefits. Hence, with the availability of senior citizen-specific health insurance products and top-up policies, it is possible to get higher health coverage post-65, but it is always better to go for it at an early age and ensure financial security for any unexpected medical emergencies.

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