What Is SBI’s Doorstep Banking Service And How Can Senior Citizens Benefit From It?

A senior citizen may face mobility issues when visiting a bank branch as age advances, so SBI offers doorstep banking services. Learn more about the benefits

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November 13, 2023
Doorstep Banking Service for senior citizens

Doorstep Banking Service for senior citizens

With advancing age, people may face mobility issues for activities like visiting a bank branch, so banks like State Bank of India (SBI) offer doorstep services for their convenience. SBI provides this service for septuagenarians (people in their 70s) and older from the comfort of their homes for their banking needs. Here are more details about the scheme. 



Who Can Avail Of This Facility? 


Any person aged 70 and older, visually impaired or differently-abled who live within a five-kilometre radius of their home branch, can avail of SBI’s doorstep banking service. It can be a single or a joint account with “Either or survivor” or “Former or survivor” mode. They must submit the Know Your Customer (KYC) details and a registered mobile number.  


What Does SBI Door Banking Service Offer? 


According to the SBI’s website, seniors can avail of doorstep services like pickup and delivery of cash, cheque and cheque-book requisition slips, Form 15H, KYC documents, life certificates, etc. It also includes delivery of drafts and term deposit advice from the bank. 


How Does It Work? 


Doorstep banking helps account holders do regular transactions. Cash deposits and withdrawals from the account are restricted to Rs 20,000 per daily transaction. The account holder can submit a cheque or a withdrawal form with their passbook for withdrawals.  


One must register at the home branch to avail of the doorstep banking service (DSB). Although there is no registration fee, DSB transactions are charged. SBI levies Rs 100 plus goods and service tax (GST) for financial transactions and Rs 60 plus GST for non-financial dealings. The delivery time is at most T+1 working day. T+1 means the transaction date plus the next day. The requests made by 3:00 pm are completed within three hours the same day; after that, the requests are fulfilled the next working day by 1:00 pm, as per the SBI’s website. 


SBI allows one service at a time; for example, cash delivery and pick up are considered one service; withdrawals from different accounts should be made in a separate request. Account holders can request a service through the bank’s mobile app, website, or SBI’s toll-free number 1800 1111 03. To register a grievance, the account holder can file a complaint through the toll-free number or the home branch. 

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