How Can You Check EPF Balance On Your Mobile Phone?

The Employees' Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) determines the interest rate annually; for FY2022-23, the EPF rate is 8.15 per cent. Learn how to check EPF balance on a mobile phone

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November 15, 2023
EPF balance on Mobile

EPF balance on Mobile

The Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) credits the interest amount in EPF accounts annually. For FY2022-23, EPFO has set the interest rate at 8.15 per cent, announced in June 2023, and since then, it has credited the interest amount in over 24 crore of EPF accounts. 


Employees’ Provident Fund (EPF) is a social security scheme where the employee and employer contribute monthly to the EPF fund as long as the employee stays with the company. EPF contributions offer tax benefits and higher interest rates than other small savings schemes. 

Although the interest is calculated monthly, the interest is credited to the EPF account at the end of a financial year. So, if you want to check your EPF balance on your mobile phone, here’s how to do it. 

How To Check EPF Balance Using A Mobile Phone? 

To check the EPF balance, one must have an activated Universal Account Number (UAN), a unique number allotted to every employee by the EPFO. Subscribers can check their balance through a call, SMS, or the UMANG app. 

Check EPF Balance Through Call: 

The subscriber can give a missed call on 9966044425 from their registered mobile number to check the EPF balance. After the missed call, the member will receive an SMS containing the EPF details and the account balance within a few seconds. The only requirement is that the mobile number and the Know Your Customer (KYC) details should be linked with the UAN. 

Check EPF Balance Through SMS: 

The EPF subscribers only need to send an SMS to 7738299899, writing ‘EPFOHO UAN’ from their registered mobile number. Similar to the call facility, the subscriber/member will receive an SMS with EPF details, including EPF balance, the last contribution made towards it, and the KYC information. 

Check EPF Balance Through The UMANG App: 

If subscribers want to check the EPF passbook, they can do this through the UMANG app. The member must download the app from the Google Play Store to the mobile phone. After downloading the app, the user needs to register. The app provides two options for registration: Using a mobile number and MeriPehchan.  

MeriPehchan, a National Sign-On-One Citizen login for accessing multiple public services from various departments, mentions the app. So register with either the UAN-linked mobile number or MeriPehchan. It is a one-time exercise. After registering, one must log in to access PF details in the app.  

The process of checking EPF details on the UMANG app goes like this.  

  • Open the UMANG app and log in either with MPIN or the OTP.
  • After the login, click on the ‘All service’ option and write ‘EPFO’ in the search bar.
  • The next screen will show many options related to EPFO services. Select the ‘View Passbook’ option from the Employee Centric Services.
  • It will ask for the UAN number and the OTP. Fill in this detail and click on ‘Submit’.
  • The newly opened page will display the employer’s name. Click on it, and the page will show the EPF balance and the passbook. The passbook can be downloaded by clicking on the download option in the corner of the screen.
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