5 Obstacles You Must Overcome For A Sound Retirement Plan 

While obstacles in retirement planning may seem like a dead-end, they can help you get a sound retirement if taken care of properly.

Amit Sethi
October 23, 2023
Sound Retirement Plan

Sound Retirement Plan

When planning for your retirement, it’s the best time to get over all the challenges that you may face after your retirement. You may find it very difficult to face the financial challenges after retirement, so you better recognise them at the planning stage. So, here are five big challenges that can be obstacles to a sound retirement, and you must resolve them in advance. 


Debt Repayment Not Ending Before Retirement

If you have taken several debts or a big debt which you won’t be able to close before your retirement starts, then it can be a very big obstacle for your retirement plan. You need to find a way to close the debts well before your retirement without giving up your retirement goals. It’s important to recognise the debt problem as early as possible in your career.

Saving Less Than What’s Needed To Achieve Retirement Goals

It’s important to set a realistic retirement goal and then regularly save an adequate amount that can help you achieve such goals. If you are saving less than what’s needed to achieve your post-retirement financial goals, it will get more and more difficult as you get closer to retirement time. So, set your retirement goals, ascertain the amount that’s needed to achieve those goals and start saving the requisite amount at regular intervals.

Not Having Health Insurance

Not having health insurance can cause huge financial distress if you meet with a health emergency after your retirement. So, you need to set aside a huge corpus to cover financial risk due to medical contingencies. The solution to this obstacle is easy: just get a health insurance cover of adequate size immediately. 

Not Taking Risks For A High Return On Investment

Everyone has a distinct risk appetite; accordingly, they choose investment products to achieve their retirement goals. However, that doesn’t mean you completely avoid the risk, as it will significantly reduce the return on your investments. You may be unable to beat inflation in the long term if the return on your investments is suppressed excessively due to your lower risk appetite. So, to avoid the obstacle of low-risk appetite, you may diversify the investment so that it doesn’t lower the return on investments, and you can put a little extra effort into increasing your income, cutting your expenses, and saving more money towards your retirement goal.  

Absence Of Tax Planning

Despite having the same income and lifestyle, two people can end up having different levels of wealth creation because of their distinct tax-saving approaches. A person with effective tax planning can easily create a much bigger wealth than someone who pays unnecessarily higher tax amounts. So, the absence of tax planning is a big obstacle to a sound retirement plan, and it can be tackled easily by having a consistent and long-term view of your tax plan.

Apart from the points discussed above, you may encounter several other obstacles that may make things difficult for a sound retirement plan; you just need to keep calm and focus on taking the right step without any delay.

The author is an independent financial journalist

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